Travel Tips for Christmas

If you are traveling this holiday season, expect that airport, bus lines and in some countries even boats are fully booked. Everyone wants to spend this time of the year with their loved ones, while others simply want to get away and unwind.

In this light, try to book your tickets ahead of time or choose to travel on Christmas day itself if you want to avoid the rush. Some airlines even have discounted fares for this day.

Prepare your itinerary if you are visiting a new place and familiarize yourself with the place you are visiting. Getting lost during the holidays surely won’t be fun.

Make a checklist of things to bring. Try to bring everything you may need from things, to medications and other personal necessities including cellphone chargers and other electronics. Most stores are closed during the holidays, so it is better to have everything at bay when you need them.

Pack you things in clear plastic bags to organize them better. This way it is easier for security to check your things to avoid inconvenience.

Be at the airport or terminal at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure, so that you have enough time to go through the long queues and security checks.

Always bring a scarf and a jacket to keep you warm. Sometimes it rains even in the sunniest places. It is better to be prepared.

Lastly, bring a book or an MP3 player for idle moments or if your departure time is delayed due to unfortunate circumstances. It helps you pass the time and they give you a more patience.

Remember that this season is all about love and caring, but more than that politeness and empathy while travelling will definitely go a long way.


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